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ArTainium UV+™ Sublimation Inks

For most, a technical discussion about ink is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Here are the four facts that continue to make ArTainium UV+ our sublimation ink of choice.

  • Bright colors "pop" with vibrancy and all colors have excellent chromaticity. In our opinion, this fact alone makes ArTainium UV+ our ink of choice.

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    Picture of a sublimated tile
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  • The professionally created ICC color management profiles (see the next page of your tour) provided stunningly accurate and consistent color control management.

  • The ICC color management system provides a wider color gamut (a fancy way of saying more shades of colors) than methods that don’t use ICC color management.

  • ArTainium UV+ sublimation inks have less viscosity (thickness) than other major sublimation ink which helps eliminate frustrating print head clogs.

Here is a testimonial from one of our very technically demanding customers:

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Coated white aluminum
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"ArTainium's new UV+ sublimation ink is simply awesome! As a professional graphic artist and professional photographer I'm very picky about color and color reproduction, and was excited to hear Alpha Supply's claims about this new ink. It is everything they claimed, and more. My independent tests found the new ArTainium UV sublimation ink for Epson ink jets to have increased color gamut, saturation, density, D-Max, and overall better color accuracy than anything else manufactured to date - by anyone! Definitely a new industry standard. My thanks to the tech guys in the lab. Great work."

Robin Ingraham, Jr.

Another fact that pleases us is the fact that ArTainium UV+ is cheaper than the other major sublimation ink on the market (both are made by the same company). Granted, sublimation ink is not cheap (its value is in what you can profitably produce) but saving a buck here and there will buy you a few extra gallons of gas, even at today’s prices.

ArTainium UV+ ink works. We’re proud to offer it. Now let’s go look at this mysterious ICC profile that we keep stressing. It’s important!

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Updated: 6/10/2011
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