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True Pix - High Definition sublimation paper

coaster2.jpgWe have tested every sublimation paper on the market, including imports. We continue to offer only True Pix HD paper because it is the best that we can find.

What make’s the paper superior are two important facts. First, ArTainium inks dry very quickly on paper. This prevents any ink “spread” during printing. Second, is the very controlled way the ink releases from the paper when heated.

This is very important, so here is more detail. The sizes of the ink drops continue to get smaller in modern inkjet printers. This is great because fine art detail is possible.

However, the ink is not going to stay on the paper. When heated, it is going to turn into a gas, leave the paper and go into the sublimated item. If that travel is not controlled, then an effect called posterization occurs.

This picture is a perfect example of the need for True Pix. The background is a blue gradient. It gradually changes from a darker blue at the top, to a much lighter blue at the bottom. Ordinary sublimation paper would not print the shades correctly.

Posterization is when shades of a similar color blend and you lose detail. An easy example is a picture of a pile of twigs. If the picture sublimates correctly, you will still see a pile of twigs. If it posterizes, you will see a pile of brown stuff. No detail.

The importance of top quality sublimation paper cannot be overstated. We even have customers that use the other major brand of sublimation ink, use our True Pix HD paper because of the superior quality. Of course, you might wonder why they don’t also use ArTainium ink.

It’s simple. By choice or chance, they began with the other ink. Paper can be switched. An entire sublimation ink system is expensive to throw away (the inks cannot be mixed) and many can’t afford that, even if they want to switch.

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100 Sheet Packs Roll Paper
8.5"x11" $17.50 - Buy 8.5"x100' $24.00 - Buy
8.5"x14" $23.00 - Buy 13"x100' $30.00 - Buy
11"x17" $32.00 - Buy 17"x100' $38.00 - Buy
13"x19" $45.00 - Buy 24"x100' $49.00 - Buy
17"x22" $54.00 - Buy 44"x100' $86.00 - Buy

Next, learn about the printers you can use and why…

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Updated: 6/10/2011
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