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A large collection of useful clipart is a very handy tool for the sublimator. We have used the services of for almost three months and have been highly pleased. (formerly advertises over 2,500,00 clipart images, animations, photos, fonts and sounds. We can well believe it!

A customer recently asked us to make them three sample plaques to show their customer, while they waited for their sublimation equipment to arrive. They wanted them to be appropriate for schools. We used the service to select some graphics that would look like school logos.

We did a word search on bison, Viking and tiger. We found 254, 331 and 693 images respectively, for each! It was no problem putting layouts together with the nice graphics we used.

The plan is very simple. You can sign up for a week of virtually unlimited use for $7.95 and up to a year for under $150.

PCWORLD August 2001 voted Best of the Web 2001 and stated "The Web is bursting with free clipart. So why are we recommending ArtToday? Quantity and Usability."

Good clipart makes life a lot easier.

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Updated: 6/10/2011
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