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Learn about the printers used
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What You Need Check List

This section provides a checklist of the basic tools and equipment needed to start inkjet dye sublimation. Other sections provide links and information to other areas of interest. Everything that we offer can be securely purchased online. Click the "Online Store" tab. We also invite you to contact us to discuss your specific needs. We have over two decades of experience in the retail awards/gift/sign business and will be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.


We sell ArTainium™ inks/cartridges for
Epson Ricoh SG 3110DN, Ricoh SG 7100DN, Ricoh GXe7700DN, Ricoh GX7000, Ricoh GXe3300, WorkForce30, WorkForce1100, WorkForce7010, C120, R1900, R1800, 1400, C88+, 4880, 1280, C88, C86, C84, C82, 900(4 color), 900(6 color), 980, 3000, 4000, 4800, 4880, 7600, 7700, 9700, we do not recommend purchasing discontinued printers. Here are some links to check availability, prices and printer specifications. - -

Buying Decisions - What size transfers do I need to print, what will my likely startup volume be, does print speed and overall print quality need to be considered?

Inks, ICC Profiles, Sublimation Paper, Cleaning Carts

Inks - We currently distribute ArTainium Inks for existing users and
ArTainium UV+ sublimation inks for new customers. If you are just starting, we seriously suggest you go with the UV+ inks. Click the "Price List" tab to check all prices. You can order online.

ICC Profiles - You must have one, to get virtually automatic great colors. Order this after you make sure of your printer needs. You will receive your profile via e-mail, along with detailed installation instructions.

Paper - True Pix High Deffinition paper for sublimation transfers and other
fine printing work.

Alpha Double Green Transfer Paper

You may never need Alpha Double Green paper, but if you are sublimating garments it wouldn't hurt to have at least a 25 sheet pack. We have a lot of sublimators who are earning some nice extra profits on low-cost cotton shirts.

Graphics Programs

As we mentioned in your tour, you will need CorelDRAW® or Adobe Photo Shop® to print with (because of the ICC profile). If you have neither, here is an inexpensive way to get started with a graphics program.

Metal Plate Cutter

Metal Cutter (or shear) - This equipment is needed only if you will be buying 12x24 sheets of white aluminum to sublimate.

Note - The shear will not cut FR plastic. That must be sawed or bought, precut.


Heat Presses

We are distributors for George Knight, HIX Corporation and Cactus Coatings. All are great presses, but each company may have a specific press that is better suited for your needs, business style and future growth.

Geo Knight Heat Presses - Well known for its' "swinger" heat presses. The most popular is the flexible DC16 "Digital Combo" and the awesome DK20S.

Stahl's Heat Presses - Makers of the Hotronix and Mighty Press line of economical heat presses to fit most budgets.

Hix Heat Presses - They are well known for "clamshell" heat presses. Their most popular presses are the solid HT 400 and the small, portable Hobby Lite. - This unique site provides you a comparison of three top-rated mug presses and ceramic plate press options. - This exclusive, mammoth heat press should only be considered by those who will be producing serious quantities of sublimated ceramic tiles. Otherwise, a smaller press will be more than sufficient.

Buying Decisions - We suggest that you balance budget and immediate needs, with what your future needs could be. No one has a crystal ball to see the future, but it is worth while to spend some time thinking about this piece of equipment.

Digital Photo Software

The S-Spline Pro (PhotoZoom Pro) photo enlargement software provides an easy and fast ability to enlarge photos and graphics virtually distortion free.

The I-Tricks 2 (PhotoClean) photo editing software provides an effective and easy to learn program for digital photo restoration and editing for inkjet printing and web pictures.

Buying Decisions - If you are new, you may not immediately need these programs. However, since you can try it free, we suggest familiarizing yourself with both so you can be ready, if the need arises.

Template Printing Programs

Novelty Pro 8, Novelty 8 and Mural 8 may or may not benefit you, especially if you are an expert with CorelDRAW® or Adobe PhotoShop®. If you are not an expert, then the time saving benefits, may be well worth it (you can try it free).

It's a fact of business life: the more time you spend producing, the less time you have for making contacts and sales.

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Updated: 6/10/2011
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